Monday, February 21, 2011

Event Announcment - Holi Aayi Re

Hello Friends,

This is another new wonderful year and one of most beloved festivals, Holi is here again. This festival is usually celebrated in March and to welcome the spring. Hence it is also called as Basanta-Utsav ("spring festival").
Holi is celebrated for two days. First day, which is known as Chhoti Holi (little Holi), Holika Dahan (bon fire) is performed to commemorate miraculous escape of Prahlad (a ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu), when demoness Holika tried to killed him. On second day, known as Dhulandi,  people throw gulal (colored powder), colorful water on one other and there is riots of colors everywhere. Of course, since it is one of main Indian festival, it cannot be completed without wide varieties of foods. Gujiya (a sweet dish) is main attraction of the food, which is relished by all on this day. Hence I thought, why not start a new event to celebrate this festival in its full rhythm. So friends, let’s participate with full zeal in this splash of joy and colorful festival of Holi!

Guidelines for Celebrating Holi Event

  • Send entry for any dish traditionally prepared at your place to celebrate the Holi be it sweets, savoury snacks, curry, parathas etc. In case, you want to send something non-traditional, don’t be shy; feel free to send that too. It should be vegeterain, eggs are not allowed.
  • Since it is festival of colors and we want to fill our lives with colors of Love, colors of life, colors of joy and so on. So try to make your dish as colorful as possible. 
  • The last date of sending entries for Holi Aayi Re is 20th March 2011 30th March 2011.
  • Bloggers need to add a link back to this event announcement. I would be glad if you can include the Vibrant and Colourful Holi logo.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of entries.
  • If possible, please refer at least couple of your fellow bloggers/ friends and encourage them to participate. This way, we can augment the size of our virtual feast and you will win a special Thank You Award.
  • Do your entries sooner so the referred folks can participate too!
  • Send in your entries at with the subject line “Holi Aayi Re” along with the below mentioned information:
Dish Name:
Blog’s Name:
Post URL:
Picture of the Dish:
  • Non Bloggers need not to get upset. Email your recipe along with the picture. We will post it on your behalf and include it in the round up.
  • Old posts are accepted, provided they are republished by linking back this event announcement along with the logo. 


  1. Nice event, Happy hosting!
    Will definitely try to send something :)

    US Masala

  2. Nice event... Surely will send in my recipe...

  3. Good luck and Happy hosting!!! I'll try to make new entry for this evevt.

  4. hey thanks for comments and glad to follow you.. great event.. will post a dish for sure..

  5. Sounds fun, Vatsala - Will try to definitely send an entry :)

  6. Happy Hosting ...will try to send our entries ...Thanks for dropping by in our blog...

  7. Vatsala,
    Wow you are already hosting an event. Great Going... I will sure send my entry. Now it's added to my event calendar also. Happy Hosting and Nice Theme.

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  8. Hey this is great. I will send my entry.Thanks!

  9. lovely event and u have a wonderful space.glad to follow u ...surely send in my entree..

  10. Thanks for visiting my space..sure will try to participate in ur event..have fun hosting

    Aaha Oho

  11. Ah! i see this is the event you are mentioning - I have seen this and will certainly try to send in a few entries dear!

  12. Nice event , u have wonderful collection of recipes..happy to follow u :)

  13. Hi, I feel you shd extend the date a bit, since Holi is on 20th and people will be so busy with the festivities. You shd gv them time to blog!

  14. Thanks for your advice Richa Priyanka. I'll do that.

  15. I have plans to make some traditional dishes this holi....looking forward to participate.


  16. Hi Vastala,
    Sent my entry hope you have recived it.

  17. Just hopped to your blog and saw the event. send you an entry hope u will like it
    First time here and loved your space
    Happy Holi

  18. Hi Vatsala
    Sent my entry. please check. hope u will like it.



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