Friday, November 4, 2011

Event Announcement - Microwave Easy Cooking


m sure that most of you must be aware of Microwave Easy Cooking Event started be Srivalli and guest hosted by many blogger buddies. I'm happy to announce that this month I'm hosting Microwave Easy Cooking.

Please read the following rules before sending your entries. 

1.This time the event doesn't have any theme, that means any dish which you have cooked in microwave is accepted. Use of food processor or other gadgets is allowed but no stove top cooking please.

 2. You can send multiple entries. Your entries can be from your archives. All you need to do is repost it with a link to this announcement and orignal MEC post.

3 Using the logo is mandatory.

4 The entries should be vegetarian. No eggs allowed.

5 Non Bloggers need not to get upset. Email your recipe along with the picture. We will post it on your behalf and include it in the round up. Send me your entries @ 

Please send me a pic not more than 400px

7 Last date to send your entries is 30 Nov


Looking forward to all the wonderfull recipes.

7. Aloo Matar Paneer in MW

apple jam 
1. Apple Jam

peanuts masala
2. Masala Peanut

8. Lemon rice

3. Potato and Yam Chat
Aloo Gobhi In MW

4. Blanching Almond in Microwave
9. Cashewnut Peda

10. Eggless Marble Cake

5.  Micro Mango Cake

6. Microwave Tomato Soup

11. Green Moong Dal MW

12. Store Curry Leaves MW
13. Make chilli Flakes MW



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