Monday, May 30, 2011

Cucumber Water

Today I'm writing about cucumber water. The title says everything.  This is a very refreshing drink to beat the heat. When mostly all the food bloggers are talking about Summer Coolers, we are still waiting for some sunshine in Seattle. The kids are singing
                                Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun
                                Please shine down on me
We are eagerly waiting for some sun.I want to share my way to beat the heat, so many of you can use it. If you have never used it, it will sound strange to you. It adds a wonderful, crisp freshness that makes it taste ultra clean and refreshing. And if you add a little lemon and mint, you will be probably enjoying the most refreshing drink you ever had.
Sorry I'm out of mint right now otherwise I'd show you the beauty of the pitcher after adding all these.

Cut the cucumber and put some slices in the water pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water. The pitcher is ready to go to the fridge. It takes some time for the cucumbers to infuse the water with flavour, so give it some time before drinking or putting it on the table. You can add lemons in this pitcher too.

On the way to 


                             seasonal indulgence – series summer coolers

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                                                           Show me your Summer Coolers

                                                                             Only COOLERS AND MOCKTAILS       from 'Only Sries'                                                                      


  1. wow...I have never known this..wonderful idea of adding cucumber to the water..

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  3. Quite interesting and wonderful water,marvellous..

  4. This super cool... very natural:) certainly thirst quenching...

  5. refreshing!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. This is an excellent and cool idea for summer.. I am using fenegreek seeds in the same method, except I dont refrigerate it...
    Event: Serve It-Chilled

  7. SO simple yet great to quench the thirst...lovely! and thanks for stopping by and for ur kind words of appreciation!



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