Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eggless Fried Icecreame

You must try my deep fried ice cream recipe. Fried ice cream is always a novelty. The whole idea of frying ice cream does not seem at all logical, yet the possibility of it fascinates and dares one to try. And, it tastes extraordinarily delicious!
                      1  family pack of vanilla ice-cream
                       1 cup crushed cornflakes
                        50  gms.  broken and roasted cashew nuts
                        melted chocolate (required as per each coating)
                         200 gms. powdered rusk
                         250 ml. oil (for frying)
              scoop vanilla ice-cream into round balls. roll them in crushed cornflakes and broken roasted cashew nuts. deep freeze for abt. 2 hrs. to harden. now remove the ice-cream balls and dip them into melted chocolate and roll them in powdered   rusk to form a thick coating. deep freeze overnight. at the time of serving,heat oil but dont let the oil emit smoke.take the balls and roll them in crushed cornflakes once again and deep fry them,take them out in a flash.cut and serve them immediately

I am sending this recipe for DeepFried Snack event.


  1. very innovative. Good job!!

  2. Thanks for the recipe.. I remember having it in Wang's kitchen in Chennai... But never knew it could be made at home..
    Will try and let you know...



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