Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Potluck #5


ear friends,
It is a time to meet again. The link for potluck party will be up every week on friday (according to Indian time) and it will be up till friday in USA. I'll request you to join and make it sucessful. There is a problem in the logo. I'm working on a new logo, so this week we will do the potluck without the logo.
Rules to link the post

  • Click Enter Here on the Potluck post, and follow the directions. The post you enter must be published on your blog, before you join the potluck.This post shouldn't be older than one week.
  • Please vegetarian dishes only. Eggs are not allowed.
  • Include a link in your blog posting back to this page using my logo. This way, whoever visits your blog, will know about this event and will be encouraged to join it.
  • Please become a follower of my blog, if you haven't done so already.
  • Please like my facebook page, the button is in the right side.(not mandatory but I would love it)
  • Visit at least one other link from the party and leave some comment love for that person. (Come on! We all love a nice comment!
  • Only one blog post per person per party, please


  1. I hate it when some one tells me to follow their blog and too thats a rule. if your blog is good enough people will follow it no matter what.people who follow ur blog just coz its rule are not ur real followers they are just brainless.

  2. and iam 100% sure that my previous comment and this comment will not be publish, it ok hope u get the point. happy potluck

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Your comments are published......suprisedc to see that :)
    In this world every one is having his/her opinion. No one can force others to agree his/her opinion. I respect your thinking but sorry we are not on the same path. As I too don't like some one who tries to hide his/her identity. If you are leaving me comment love, at least I'd know who you are.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment love.

  4. oops sorry....hi iam MINI VERGHESE, iam not scared to hide my identity.and LOVE you are so true we are not on the same path.THANK GOD

  5. Hello Vatsala. I did a goof up. I have put my blog name "CinnamonNChillies" instead of dish name which is "Bharwan Tinda with Dahi Saunf Masala" :-)) Can you please correct this? Sorry for causing you trouble dear :-)


  6. Greetings... pleasure to find you and contribute (every party needs a cake ;-)

    Same as everyparty needs a pooper, ignore the rude guy above. If you hunt hard enough, there is something for everyone to dislike... same as if you hunt, you can find something you like. I like people who look for the great things in life!

    Thanks for hosting

  7. hi
    if I have hurt ur feeling iam really sorry, did not mean to,
    but I still believe in what i said,its just that that wasn't the right way to put my point across.
    and this apology is not because of the above comment....that guy just wants more followers so,,,the gora is being very sweet to you.:)))
    sincere apology
    cook coz u love to cook,not coz someone is watching you ....happy blogging
    mini:)(a hardcore foodie)



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